Protank + GS eGo Twist 2200mah Variable Voltage

I’d been looking for something that was pretty, not too masculine, and fit well with my inherited Protanks.  While browsing FastTech, I stumbled on the GS eGo Twist 2200mah VV.  The width matched, but I didn’t know how cute it would really be until I got them and put them together at home.

Protank with GS eGo Twist 2200mah VVI’ve been using it a few days, and the charge holds pretty well.  It’s becoming clear to me that many items for which the reviews aren’t that great are actually pretty good.  You want to read them in case there will be any mechanical or safety issues.  Much of the time these days though, people are downrating anything that isn’t trending.

I noticed that for awhile, almost anything rainbow colored got higher ratings than other colors…until some hard core macho vapers decided that rainbow was wrong, and the unicorn comments started flying.  Now, all of a sudden, anything rainbow colored is feminine and therefore bad.

Some folks may want to remember that some of us vapers are actually women.  A significant proportion of us are women who are not trying to be manly.  So we actually want the feminine stuff.

Vaping Protank + GS eGo 2200mah VV

…and yes, the GS eGo Twist 2200mah VV does indeed come in rainbow.  I ordered one. So there.

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