How to Get More Vapor From a CE4 Clearomizer

If you’re not getting the vapor you think you should from your CE4 clearomizer, these tips may be helpful.

(cough warning at 23.04)

Not all CE4 clearomizers have the same resistance.  Many of the new ones, made to go with today’s higher wattage and variable wattage batteries, are about 2.8ohms instead of 2.4ohms.  The 2.8ohms will not give you the level of vapor that you are used to when pairing a 2.4ohms clearomizer with a 650-900mAh battery.

In order to get good vapor from a 2.8ohms clearomizer, you need a battery that can give you 3.8v or higher.

…but to get good-enough performance, you should:

  1. Keep your equipment clean.
  2. Check the placement of the center pin of the clearomizer.
  3. Increase the airflow by filing or drilling the airflow slots to be a little bigger.
  4. Use an ejuice that is at least 50% VG (vegetable glycerine).

Also, if you’re really advanced, you can add a lightweight cotton wick over the coils.  Don’t take the coil apart.  Just lay a cotton wick over it.  This helps to bring more juice to the coils, since cotton wicks a little faster than the silica.

CE4 Clearomizer on a 900mah eGo Battery

The next time you’re buying CE4 clearomizers, mind the ohms.  1.8 might be too low.  I haven’t seen many of them, but they are out there.  2.4 is just right for most non variable eGo type batteries.  2.8 is problematic until you get up to 1100mah or higher.

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