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Protank on iStickWelcome to the Mists of Kthulah! 🙂  I’m a bit late to the world of vape blogging, but I think I have something to contribute.  Things have gotten kind of out of hand and complicated on one side, and cigarette manufacturers are busy trying to make the new ease-of-use traps on the other.  So these are interesting times in the world of vaping.  I’m just putting my 2 cents in.

Right now, I’m vaping on the eLeaf iStick with a Protank glass clearomizer I decorated with a little purple washi tape.  The ejuice is Captain Black Cherry flavored.  This is my at-home vape.  I’m using the Protank or a Vivi Nova (old version) usually.  When I’m out though, I prefer an eGo type battery with a CE4 clearomizer.  It’s cute and less of a headache.  No fiddling around needed.

So stay tuned, and don’t forget to bookmark.  Ciao bellas! 🙂

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