DIY Inexpensive Ways to Purse Safe Your Vaping Gear

Sixey the Dragon Mod Carrier

Sixey Mod Carrier

Just like your cell phone or your laptop, you should be careful how you carry your vaping gear.  It shouldn’t be getting wet or knocked against things.  It can be difficult to find cases that truly fit your needs though.  I’ve looked around, and after awhile, I just decided to make some things for myself.

If you’ve got a dollar store or something similar around, they probably carry some pencil and school supplies cases.  I like the transparent plastic ones so I can see what’s in them without digging in the bag.  Choose one that has foam packing, and cut the slits and holes you need in it.

Another good habit to get into is keeping the boxes.  This is good for storage at home, but you can sometimes use that custom shaped packing in a bag.

I recommend using a piece of cardboard or a frame of stapled popsickle sticks if you need your bag firmer.  Most of the time though, the foam that comes with it is enough.  Do not ever use those “magic sponge” melamine foam pads, because they are abrasive.  It will wipe the finish off of things and eventually damage them.

For slim 510 to eGo sized gear, a toothbrush holder can be a perfect solution.  Use adhesive backed foam sheets to pad them a bit, if needed.  Just make sure that they close very securely.  Sometimes little plastic latches get broken or just come undone.

There are many ways to purse-safe your e cigs.  Just remember that whatever you use or make needs to be:

  • crush resistant to the level that it can handle being between you and a chair
  • water resistant, not necessarily submersible, but a little rain shouldn’t get in
  • padded to prevent things knocking into each other or things in your purse or bag
  • secure, so that things don’t fall out just because you unzip or open it

Happy vaping!

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