Bottom Coil Blues

Protank on iStickUnless you switched right into a nest of drippers, at some point in a vaper’s journey, the choice will come up whether to go for top coil or bottom coil clearomizers.  If you are using CE4s on eGos, but you want something a little more, the temptation may be strong to switch to bottom coil clearos because everyone is just raving about them.  Well, I’m not one of those ravers.

I loved them for about a day because they were new and different.  By day 2, I absolutely hated bottom coils.  I put all my bottom coil stuff in a drawer, and didn’t even look at them again for about 3 years.

The expense or quality of the gear was not the problem.  I had authentic Joyetech batteries from 650 to 1100mah.  The bottom coil clearomizers I had were by Kanger and Tabac.  They were supposedly the best.  The BEST.  For me though, they were not the best.  When I got to the Protank, I thought it might work for me.  It didn’t.  They all tasted burnt, ended up leaking, and did not give me as much vapor as my simpler, cheaper CE4s.  We won’t even speak of the IT16s.

So I settled into a top coil life.  When I “graduated” beyond the CE4, it was to the Vivi Nova.  To this day, it is my favorite for at home everyday vaping.  Right out of the package, they chug that juice like a thirsty puppy, and provide enough cloud to disturb people across the aisle on the train.  They work with all my batteries, and I don’t get the burnt taste or dry hits unless I forget the tilt.  I’m a horizontal vaper naturally, so I usually don’t forget…and no that wasn’t the problem with the bottom coils.  I kept them vertical.

A few days ago though, I decided to revisit my bottom coils.  I thought about why I hated them so much and how to fix that problem.  I saw this video about how to rebuild a Protank coil head.  It was very good, but I thought to myself whether I really need to do all that.  Just replacing that “floating” flavor-wick above the coil with a bit of cotton would probably solve the problem.  Lo and behold, it did.  Now I can actually use all of my BCCs.

The thing is, why don’t they just build them this way in the first place?  Why doesn’t ever bottom coil of the standard type come built with a loose cotton flavor wick instead of that extra silica that does nothing?

I still don’t understand why these things worked so well for others, but not for me.  Also, it is annoying to have to put the cotton in myself every time I change coils.  So every time I hear bottom coil anything in a discussion, I just grumble under my breath and stay out of it unless someone says they hated them.  I don’t want to discourage anyone for whom they would be great.  They do solve many of the problems some have with top coils.  To each their own.

For me though, until I modified them, bottom coil stuff didn’t give me what it has apparently given others.  What did work for me is carto-tanks.  Man oh man, the vapor is lush, and the flavor is wonderful.

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