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The Vaping AfterThere are already many vape blogs by women, and many are very good.  Some are very inspirational to me.  So before I decided to make a site dedicated to e cigs and vaping, I did some thinking about whether or not I really had anything new or interesting to say that hadn’t already been said.

To tell the truth, I’m not a huge vaping enthusiast.  It is a part of my life, but not something I would put on the level of a hobby.  It is a habit though, like smoking was for me…and as much as I loved fine cigarettes, rolling, and interesting cigarette holders and pipes, I like nice looking and well functioning e cigs now.

I am what one could call a Normal.  I still use my eGos and old Joyetech equipment from five and six years ago.  Though I use my eLeaf iStick with a Protank or Vivi Nova at home, I prefer to use an eGo with a CE4, or 510 with a cartomizer when I’m out.

Most of my gear comes from my local e cig shop, Cig.co.il or from FastTech.com.  You can find other shops I or people I know have bought from in the links.  Here in Israel, as of 2016, very few people are still vaping, but it’s making a comeback.  Unfortunately, some of that is because the hipster scene is just starting to be a thing here, but I think this trend will die soon.  Serious-esoteric has too strong a hold here to let it become more than a new way of dressing casually.

Still, because of the drop-off while there were rumors that e cigs were harmful, it’s hard to find basic equipment here.  When you do, it’s overpriced as if they believe that there are enough actual hipsters to sell to.  There aren’t.  Most young people here are dirt poor…and when I say dirt poor I mean that they may not have what one would call a fully functioning shower in their home.  It’s a sort of faucet-like thing that sticks out of the wall, and you have to squeegee the floor after because the landlords couldn’t be arsed to put a simple floor installation in, just a drain.

So I don’t have a store, but I do cooperative buying.  That’s the side reason for this site.  When I see a good deal, I’ll post about it, and if you want in, contact me.  We all save from buying in bulk.

Mostly though, I’ll be posting about things that I think are cool or cute.  You don’t have to agree, but you do have to be polite.  On this site, we do discussions, even debates, but no flamewars and “vaper than thou”.  You can use cuss words, but just don’t be an idiot.

Oh, one more thing about me that you should probably know: I am a witch of the African diaspora/Obeah sort.  This is not the forum for any religious recruiting or trying to save anyone’s soul from the devil or nicotine.  If you aren’t vaping or switching, then you really shouldn’t be here.  If you do, but you’re religious and want to use this site to win souls for Christ, then well…just make sure it’s the Jewish Jesus who doesn’t hate anyone, said that eunuchs (which includes Gay people) have a special place in heaven, and who didn’t try to convince Roman Pagans to give up their Gods…or the African Jesus who was an embodiment of Osiris.  That’ll work too.

Ciao bellas, blessings, and Ashe!  🙂

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